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The term “Naked Truth” comes from a fable in which, as the story goes, Truth and Falsehood went bathing. Falsehood went and dressed in Truth’s clothes, and Truth, refusing to take another’s clothes, went naked. The latest release from celebrated author and healer, Devrah Leval, ‘Naked Truth – The Power of Meaninglessness’ also sheds the clothes of concepts and beliefs and posits perspectives that may for some, be difficult to hear let alone consider.

Yet falsehood is often dressed in Truth’s clothing, hence confusion reigns supreme because we are rarely taught critical thinking. We are discouraged from questioning authority. All too often, any longing we may have or attempts we may make to explore the inner spiritual realms are inevitably criticized, even ridiculed. But why?

Anyone who challenges the status quo, or who thinks outside the box or even is seen as a contrarian often stands alone. And who might these individuals be? The creative types, (whether in the Arts, or Sciences or even Finance), philosophers, spiritual seekers, loners and maybe you?

Naked Truth – The Power of Meaninglessness questions everything that we’ve been taught or conditioned to blindly believe. What if all that we believed ourselves to be, were wrong, then “Who Am I?” “Who Are You?”

Once you experience the truth, you cannot go back and live the lie. And the lie may very well be the dream we’ve called reality.

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Devrah has 2 “Best Sellers” on Amazon


The Magic Doorway into the Divine

The Magic Doorway into the Divine chronicles a search that began at the age of twenty-nine when a life-altering mystical experience and profound healing awakened me to my true Self. The effect of this awakening changed my life so completely that everything that I had assumed to be true evaporated, leaving me in unknown territory. For many years I walked through a fire that opened my heart, seared my soul, and graced me with the knowledge that we are not just small, limited creatures. We are one with God’s love.

Like a Phoenix, The Magic Doorway into the Divine arose out of the ashes of this fire. In the writing, it taught me about the power of Divine Love and how such Love can be found in every moment of life, with every person, in every place, and in everything. The metaphor of the magic doorway is an image to help us understand what opens the doors, what closes the doors, and what takes us beyond all doors to the Garden of Love… to union with the Divine.

Spirituality is romanticized by many seekers who do not fully understand or do not wish to acknowledge that the pain one can experience in letting go of the ego can be horrific at times. In this book, I share some of my experiences and hold nothing back about the suffering as well as the joy that I have encountered in this journey to Truth. Enlightenment is not a linear process and cannot be controlled or captured with the mind. I have learned that one must embrace contradiction as an essential part of the journey.

“International Best-Seller on Amazon!”, “Deep”, “Profound”, “Transformative!”

The Magic Doorway into the Divine is full of magic and transformational honesty. At a critical juncture in our culture, we need these great stories and journeys to comfort us and show us the way. This is a wonderful book for your backpack as you make your spiritual way in this beautiful world.

–Robert McDowell, the Poetry Mentor and Author

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Leap to Freedom Healing Quantum Guilt

Our actions are not the source of our Guilt! It’s our misguided belief that we are separate from the Divine, from Source and from each other.

Leap to Freedom is not about reclaiming worldly power, it is about reclaiming our True Power, which is our most precious gift, but that we have, every one of us, given away. This serves to keep us separate from our Source, our life and from each other. But the cost of this has become too high resulting in war, division, hatred and violence on every level.

Regardless of our religious or spiritual affiliations, regardless of whatever it is we believe in, we all feel guilt at some point because deep down inside, we know that something is terribly wrong. So what is this power that we’ve given away and how do we get it back?

This is what Leap to Freedom –Healing Quantum Guilt answers.

“Radical” “Ground Breaking” “Brilliant!”

Leap to Freedom is a Masterpiece and surely destined to become a Classic in “The Great Tradition of Spiritual Literature …”  Thank you Devrah for all the love you have poured into this exquisite manual for guiding Humanity to heal on the deepest level … a rare accomplishment!Ken Cadigan (Enlightenment Master)

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Mystic Inspiration Cards

You can purchase a physical copy of Devrah’s Mystic Inspiration Cards via the Paypal button below.

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