You are already Perfect Divine Love.

Coming October 21, 2016

I’m so honoured to have a video being featured in this year’s Miracle Share Virtual Conference at 4:10pm EST 1:10pm PST. The video explores “Living & Practicing Quantum Love.” You can still purchase a seat, or make a donation to be part of this online event. Registration is required to access all the wonderful shared wisdom.

This is a beautiful event as mystics gather from around the globe to celebrate our oneness and true divinity. Many themes found in the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles will be covered.

Coming October 22, 2016

DreamVisions7 Radio will be broadcasting the full 2 hour interview with my beautiful friend David Hoffmeister. The show will air:

Saturday October 22nd, 2016

2am-4am PST & 2pm-4pm PST
5am-7am EST & 5pm-7pm EST

Click here at showtime to listen in a media player or Click Here to visit the show landing page (Scroll down to David’s photo) and click the”Listen Live” button at showtime.
The show will also be made available in the archives after October 23rd. To access the archives Click Here

Leap to Freedom

The life-changing Leap To Freedom Online workshop
is being offered at 50% offthe regular price for a limited time!

The course offers a simple, personalized online resource as a way of venturing within benefiting from a deeper more profound connection to our Divine Truth. The class is offered at 50% off the regular price until December 31st, 2016. To take advantage of Devrah’s offer, simply input the promo code: Freedom-50, to the shopping cart when going through the checkout process. Give a gift to yourself or to someone you love and take the Leap To Freedom!


For more information on the Leap To Freedom Workshop, to purchase the workshop and take advantage of the 50% discount Click Here

Check out a beautiful new audio interview with Sara Troy, “Understanding Our Inner Mystery” Click Here

   “The light  of God is very bright and traveling towards it takes great courage.”

 Love Devrah

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