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New Radio Show

My radio show Living in Quantum Love has a new broadcast titled “Living the Dream? No Way Dream’s living Me.” guest Carl Bozeman will be joining me. We’re very excited about the show and hope you will enjoy listening in.
Join us this Thursday August 23rd 1am & 1pm PST & 4am and 4pm EST Listen Here:
Later, you can also find the show in the Archives Here:…/devrah-laval-archives/

Beloved friends

I am very excited to have launched a campaign through Patreon
Have you ever wanted to be part of the creative process of making a movie? A cross between Eat, Pray, Love and the Matrix… Well now you can embark on this journey with me where you can offer your input as far as story lines, character development and much more with a nominal contribution to my Patreon campaign. I’ve created a personal audio message from my heart to yours.

Click on this link, to see how you can be a part of an uplifting and deeply inspirational movie, especially for these dark and difficult times. Your support will also help to keep my radio show on Dream Visions 7 where you may get an on-air acknowledgement for your support as well as a selection of other gifts! I’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to order a copy of The Magic Doorway Into The Divine Click Here.

Miracle Share

I’m so honoured to have a video being featured in this year’s Miracle Share Virtual Conference on October 21st at 4:10pm EST 1:10pm PST. The video explores “Living & Practicing Quantum Love.” You can still purchase a seat, or make a donation to enjoy of this online event. Registration is required to access all the wonderful shared wisdom. All material is archived for a full year so, if you would like to purchase access visit Miracle Share.

This is a beautiful event as mystics gather from around the globe to celebrate our oneness and true divinity. Many themes found in the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles will be covered.

Check out a beautiful new audio interview with Sara Troy, “Understanding Our Inner Mystery” Click Here

   “The light  of God is very bright and traveling towards it takes great courage.”

 Love Devrah

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